american bass hd 12

  1. cmartinez73

    HELP! electrical upgrades needed to run 8kW amp?

    I picked up a taramps smart8 and its gonna power 2 american bass HD 12"s. Setup will be going into my next car assuming its a year 2006-11 honda civic si with oem electricals. I can't figure out an answer what will provide the amp with the sufficient amount volatage to keep it running good and...
  2. N

    American Bass HD12 box help

    I am buying an AB HD12 and i am trying to figure out a box design to build my own. My trunk has a max width of 35 inches and max height of 15 inches. From what I've seen (correct me if I'm wrong I am new to this) I want it to be around 3 c.f and tuned to 32hz, as I like the low's haha. Any help...