alpine type r sub

  1. T

    What amp to run on an Alpine type R SWR-12D4

    i just bought the alpine SWR-12D4 rated to 1000 RMS , I'm having trouble deciding which amp to pair with this sub because alpine says it can take up to 1000 rms but a lot of people are saying this sub is overrated and is probably closer to the previous model with 600 rms, i don't want to...
  2. T

    2 channel amp for a Alpine SWR-12D4

    I have pretty much zero knowledge on car audio and don't want to mess up my sub or amp and i wanted to know how i could run a dual coil alpine type R sub off of an old school 2 channel power logic 460 watt amp its 4 ohm , i wanted to bridge it to get more power out of the amp . if anyone could...
  3. tjmackay

    JL Audio HD1200 with Alpine Type R Help!

    Hello All, Really appreciate all of the information available in this forum and have been setting up purchases based on many of the threads. I have a 2009 Dodge Ram and after driving my son's car (not factory audio) I realized I needed to upgrade my factory stereo. I can only get away with so...
  4. R

    Alpine Type R 12" or JL 12W3 for a sealed enclosure

    Hey all, im new around here and searched through the forums without finding the answer im searching for. I am finally adding a subwoofer to my car and i know i would like a sealed enclosure. The two main subwoofers i am considering purchasing are the alpine type r 12" and the JL w3. I know they...