alpine mrp m2000

  1. checketts4344

    VW system help!

    I've got a 2005.5 VW JETTA 2.5 MKV fully loaded and a kenwood ddx419 double din. Cannot wait to hook up my system but I need some help so I don't cause problems. My amp is an Alpine mrp-m2000 very nice powerful efficient amp but my problem is my stock charging system. Looking for any help or...
  2. D

    Alpine mrp m2000 cutting out

    Hi, i have an alpine mrp m2000 amp powering 2 alpinr type r 12"s. it was working fine until now. It sometimes wont power the subs at low volumes but whenever i turn it up they turn right on, then if i turn the volume back down the subs will play for a short time then shut off. What could cause...