alpine amp

  1. H

    Subwoofer making staticy crackling sound

    I have a circuit breaker hooked up with an alpine amp and a Kicker L7 Solobaric sub hooked up. Yesterday my amp blew both of the 40 A fuses that were in it. So I replaced them and it worked perfectly fine after that. This morning I turned on my car and the sub stopped working. Fuses aren't...
  2. E

    Will I be able to tell a difference between 18 watt rms and 45 watt rms?

    My dad's truck has a basic aftermarket head unit installed and I am in the process of replacing all 4 speakers (crappy aftermarket speakers installed by someone else) with JBL 60 watt rms 6" x 8"s (truck is an 03 f250 so the speaker sizes are weird). The two speakers I have already installed...
  3. SirPudge

    Speaker suggestions?

    I have an Alpine MRP-F300 amplifier. It is currently running my subs, but I will be upgrading soon, and won't need it for them any more. So, I was thinking of using it for mids and highs. It is 50/ch at 4 ohm or 75/ch at 2 ohms. Can you suggest some speakers or sets that would work well with it...
  4. F

    Alpine PDX4.100 - Four Channel

    Item(s) for Sale: Alpine PDX4.100 Item(s) Description/Condition: Cosmetic: 7/10 Mechanical: 10/10 Has some scuffs and scratches. Got pics of both of the noticable ones. One scuff by the upper right section of the amp, and a scratch in the middle to the left of the center. Has all screws...
  5. cooper1123

    Alpine MRV-F345 4 Channel DIGITAl Amp

    Item(s) for Sale: Alpine MRV-F345 Item(s) Description/Condition: Mint Condition Was under the seat in my 72 Datsun 620, that I drive 20 times a year, for a year or so •75 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms (150 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms) •300 watts RMS x 1 (channels 3/4 only) in bridged mode I do have...
  6. 7

    Alpine Mrx-M240

    Item(s) Description/Condition: cosmetically 9.5/10 mechanically 10/10 1500 rms @4 ohm 2400 rms @2 ohm 1000 rms @ 1 Ohm Birthsheet 2708 rms @2 ohm only used for about an hour Price: $375 shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this...
  7. Sketchup

    What amp for alpine type r speakers?

    What amp should I buy if I'm going to wire it to 4 (6 1/2") and 2 (6x9") speakers. The 6x9"'s will be in a box. I'm not sure what amp would be good for it. btw I will have a single alpine type r 15" sub with the type x alpine amp thats 1k watts.
  8. Sketchup

    What amp for alpine type r speakers?

    I am going to get a 98' corolla and it has 6 1/2's in front and back (still stock speakers). So I would get type r speakers. I wouldn't mind putting 6x9's in the back in the trunk in a box. I'm not sure what amp I would use for 2 sets of 6 1/2's and the set of 6x9's. Preferably a alpine amp...
  9. J

    WTB: Alpine MRV-1507

    If you have one, let me know. If you have a more recent version of the same thing, let me know. It should come with the original box, original birth certificate, and original instruction booklet. Thanks,