alpine 1000

  1. B

    Please help!!!

    my alpine mrp-m1000 powers up, but no output?? what could it be? opened it up, nothing seems broken, looks/smells fried...
  2. M

    Hifonics or alpine

    Im split right now I'm powering two type xs in a ford explorer all power is taken care of its a ported box I was curious of your thoughts of should I go with a Hifonics 2500 Brutus elite or 2 alpine 1000 watt which one will give more power
  3. Why So Cereal?

    Kicker vs Alpine

    I need an amp for my Kicker 12" L7 ...dual 4....ported I've been on CL. The only guy with a Kicker zx750.1 wants 175 for it. But later that same day a guy offered me an Alpine MRP 1000 for $150 and another offered me a Kicker ZX1000.1 for 175. Which should I get? I've always had success with...