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    truck subwoofer build

    (New to audio stuff) Currently have: Blaupunkt 3000w mono Kicker CompC 44TCWC104 (preinstalled 10" in a 0.66cf box, ported) ~$240 all in and I can feel good bass, just wanting to go bigger My buddy has this same sub and same amp just double the size of a ported box in a SUV and his rattles hairs...
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    Need Help Please

    I need to know how much air space is needed for a sundown x15 d2? And I wanna be pretty loud so should I go bigger then recommended? Please Help!!
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    free air? IB?

    So i'm building a big box to replace the 3rd row in my yukon that will hold 2 12's, amp rack for mono and 4 chan, and then also add some powered rear fill firing between captains chairs (4"s) and some rear firing 5.25 2 ways to fill mids and highs for listening out the tailgate... say when...
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    How much airspace do i need for 2 18s?

    Like I said,I need to know how much airspace i need for 2 RE Sx 18s in a dodge ram 1500 quad cab.I can't build a wall but can use every inch of space below the back glass.I'm going to have a hifonics brutus 1500 2 channel on each of them and just want the best system possible.Recently came into...