1. Ace87

    Anyone ever use the Advance Auto Autocraft agm batts? $118 after core for the 34/78

    I was looking into purchasing a group 78 Autocraft Platinum from Advance Auto. It's $138 with a 30% discount code off of their website. After core charge, I get it for $118. It's 925ca and 60ah. I have been looking into the XS Power D3400 with the 551 side post adapters for months, but for close...
  2. Eggroll

    Need to buy an agm soon

    For all sellers, sorry to burst any bubbles but no I am not buying anything (yet) . I'm just wondering about another battery because of the amp that i'm getting, even when I get the 320 from DC, the stock voltage regulator can sometimes keep the v at around even 12.8v when the car is on (mpg...
  3. x91evo

    School me on batteries

    I am going down to 12V (14V charging) system from a 14V (16.5V charging). I need a solution for the most cost efficient batteries for 2000-3000RMS. Car is set up for SPL but will mostly see music everyday. So I need the car to be reliable even in -20 degree or less Chicago winter lol Looking...