1. craigzter

    Where all the single cab guys at?

    Bout to get this tc 3hp built and still haven't fully decided how to place sub and port. I have a reg cab 01 silverado, 5spd. My DD 3500 I had sub up and port rear and reversed port to front of cab at bottom (console box). Sounded good given the amount of power it had. Box was a little high on...
  2. N

    walled of Mazda 3 sedan. 3 18s

    So I am walling off 3 subs into my 2008 mazda 3i sedan. My car consist of Xs3400 front 200 amp ohio generators 0 gauge everywhere xs 926925 back crescendo 5500 sq 200.2 4 sets of nvx comps 3 18 inch sq hdc3 The box is about 20 cubes. I need to use aero ports due to a lack of space. I...
  3. Deusle

    DD 1510s Aeroported

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 DD 1510 woofers Item(s) Description/Condition: The other sub is installed in my car currently. Both are SVC 4 ohm. 9/10 condition. Price: $200 shipped each sub OBO $350 shipped for both subs OBO $350 local pickup for both subs and box Shipping and Miscellaneous Item...
  4. S

    **Precision Aeroport Length Calculator Help**

    Whats the difference with the 2 numbers on the right for the length of the tube when it is calculated? This is the calculator on Precision's site... Products Menu
  5. S


    I'm going to use precision soud ports on my box build, but I have a question on how to type in the box volume calculator for the aeroports im using from them below. It asks for the Volume of box in cubic feet. Is it asking for the volume of the box in general before displacement, or is it...