adire audio

  1. denim

    Adire Audio has returned (at SSA)

    Under new ownership, Adire Audio has returned with the Shiva, Tempest, and Brahma.  Available at SSA:  
  2. J

    15" brahma mk II

    hey guys i have a adire audio brahama mkII 15" with blown voice coils and custom 3.5 sq. ft at 32 hz enclosure built by someone off of here. my question is is their any value in it?? i was wanting to get 3 8" subs in a ported box for my new ride... any input at all would be very very helpfull thanks
  3. J

    Alpine CDA-9857 with XM, iPod/iPhone capability + PREMIUM SUBWOOFER, COMPONENTS, AMPS

    For the Headunit, scroll down to the bottom of this post for Package III. Hey all - thanks for stopping by my page to see the items I have for sale! It brings me much pain to have to sell all of this stuff. I still remember my first paycheck I received in middle school after working 50 hours in...