1. adulbrich

    Acoustic loading and wall explanation

    This is kind of long, so please bare with me.. Many trunk cars have the sub and port facing the back of the trunk. Because of acoustic loading, the sound is amplified. One of my friends moved his box to different spots in his trunk and turned it to various angles. What turned out to be the...
  2. bluemarvin3030

    Another Car Stereo Shop bites the dust!!!

    Just driving around the Mid-City area of Baton Rouge. I've just moved here less than a year ago and have been checking out the local stereo shops. Stopped by a place on Florida blvd that shall reamin nameless. Lets just say their name starts with a "D" and ends with "avid's" I've visited...
  3. C

    Need help please.

    I have two 10' MTX Subs and an amp in my 94 chevy truck. I have two acoustic brand 4x6 speakers in the back, and I replaced two acoustics that were in the front with MTX brand 4x6 speakers. The sound was great at first, me and my friend sat in it listening to it for 10min then it seemed like...