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    Loudest setup for $600?

    I know there are tons of posts about the loudest stuff and what not, but the guys on here have been super helpful to me in the past, I have $600 and I need an amp and sub(s). What would you get with that? I am currently amped to all my speakers It's a minivan so space is no issue I don't...
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    Amplifier Issue

    First post in this thread, I hope I do a thorough job. Alright so I'm planning to use a car subwoofer AT HOME. I was planning on using the Renegade GTR1200 subwoofer. 300 watts RMS, 4 ohm impedence, comes with enclosure. The problem I have when buying an amp, (which is what I need advice with)...
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    Jl xd600/1

    Looking to buy a JL XD600/1 as the title says. Let me know what you have and if you are looking for any trades. Thanks.