5.25" speaker

  1. Doxquzme

    New Dayton Audio Signature Series - look pretty nice!

    Pretty nice lineup from Dayton, be great to know if anyone has used them in a custom component setup and which tweeter they paired with any of the drivers listed. https://www.parts-express.com/promo/dayton-audio-signature-series
  2. L

    Best Stealth 4 Speaker Stereo Setup + Amp (no sub) - 1983 Mercedes 300CD

    I'm looking to figure out the best possible setup when limited to these not ideal parameters: (stock) Becker Grand Prix 612 Head Unit Two 3.5" or 4" front speakers Two 5.25" or 4x6" rear speakers + additional amp for speakers that I will hide somewhere I'm an audiophile and need this...