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    FS: Atomic AT-5000.1 Class D Monoblock

    View Listing FS: Atomic AT-5000.1 Class D Monoblock Hardcore amps. You should know what these are if you're in the market. - Model 5000.1- Class D mono block- A competition linkable grade Amplifier- RMS 5000W  1 ohm* Digital mono block amplifier* Dual MOS-FET power...
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    What subs? Total of 5000 RMS. Need 155db!

    Like the title says. My truck is capable of about 4 or 5kw. I'm looking for subs and amp (s) that can take me to 155db. No wall. Max enclosure 35in wide,25in deep, and 40in tall. Money does matter too. $1500 is about all, but i could extend that to 2000 if i need to. Please suggest something...
  3. A5000SPL