1. Aygodriver1212

    3Sixty.3 turn OFF pop

    Hi guys, I freshly installed my 3sixty.3, everything works, all wiring is correct no bad grounds whatsoever. I've already tried a commonly suggested solve for this problem, setting the turn-off delay to 4 seconds, doesn't really help. I suspect it's because I have it wired to my switched +...
  2. O

    WTB RF 3Sixty.3

    Hi all, I'm looking for a Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty3. New or used. If used, it's okay if it's a little ugly as long as the functionality is 100%. I've been looking all over and I found one new for $420+$50 Shipping at speedsound.com which seems like a great deal, but I wouldn't mind finding one...
  3. M

    hi lo converter installation tap in location

    Hi, I'm adding a 5 channel amp to my 2014 ram crew cab stock system. I've got (2) sets of component systems I'm running (1 for front doors and 1 for back) and then a sub. I'm planning on mounting the amp and a 3sixty processor behind the rear seat on the wall. I've got 2 questions on wiring...