1. Dylan Woods


    to whoever reads this, I am extremely naive on car audio. I have a 2014 Dodge Avenger with a 600W Kicker Amp with 2 12” Kicker Subs. They recently stopped working going in and out only staying on for maybe 3 seconds. I took it to a garage and they said my amp wasn’t strong enough everything kept...
  2. T

    2014 Impala subwoofer problem

    I have 2 15 inch obsidians wired at 2 ohms in a custom box tuned for 28-32 hertz, also, I have a db audio 2 farad capacitor with a db audio audio equalizer wired to the two front speakers into the factory system 8 inch display screen. I have the equalizer turned around 1/4ths its full range and...