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    Custom Soundstream XXX

    Item(s) for Sale: i have a soundstream xxx 15 with a custom psi recone the recone has a mega roll surround, carbon dust cap, 5 spiders, quad leads, 8 guage xs flex direct recone came back on 1/16 started breakin woofer in on a soundstream 6k 3k at .5 ohms metered fresh recone at 144 db than...
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    What is a good amp for my subs?

    Hey everyone, i just bought my first subs and i have no idea what kind of amp i should get. I have two 15in Q Power Black Mambas in a ported box. Specs: (for one sub) Max power: 1500 watts RMS: 600 watts Impedance: 2 X 4 ohms Sensitivity: 91 dB/w/m Frequency Response: 28-2000 Hz Dual...