1. M

    dual alt vs cap

    Ok here is my biggest issue with my system..... dimming lights..so I got a kinetic 1800 and a 1000cca battery still dimming. I was looking into HO alt but..dont have that kind of money but I have a alt off a 3500 6.5 chevy looks just like mine.. My idea here is dual alts but what all goes...
  2. Deusle

    WTB SAZ-1500d

    $275ish budget. Would be shipping to 53143. Let's see what ya got.
  3. M

    for sale sundown sae 1200D

    Item(s) for Sale: sundown sae 1200 Item(s) Description/Condition: 10/10 working 7/10 cosmetic, some usual scratches. will get some detailed pics Price: will be traded Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: shipped from 31645 Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st...
  4. TBH1

    F/S: Rockford Fosgate T1500-1bd

    Item(s) for Sale: RF T1500-1BD Item(s) Description/Condition: Amp is in almost mint condition. Has been mounted 2 times. comes with original birth sheet and owners manual. DOES NOT HAVE REMOTE BASS WITH IT birth date was 5/11/2010 and has been used maybe 4 months More/better pics can be...
  5. C

    FS Sundown Audio SAZ-1500D

    Sundown Audio SAZ-1500D FS @ 300 Shipped! Serious offers only (no trades) Ready to ship In almost perfect condition, with few minor scratches on bottom of the amp. [/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH] Specs: * Double Sided Through Hole Epoxy PCB * Efficiency : 86% @ 4 ohm, at 100Hz *...
  6. Project Showdown

    Project Showdown

    1996 GMC Sierra 1500. My current project that is almost finished.
  7. 50 black guys

    Looking to buy 1000-2000rms amp

    I need an amp for a Fi Q 15" 2ohm DVC driver. I'm not willing to spend 500$ or more I'm looking for good SQ and reliability
  8. 50 black guys

    Amp for Fi Q. Quick opinions?

    What amp(s) would you recommend for a Fi-Q 15" (2ohm DVC) going into a sealed box? I'm looking for: -Good SQ - -Maybe something used for -reliable -1000-2000rms (how much can the Q handle? You could even point me out to a specific amplifier at a good price Thanks a lot people.
  9. S

    Can sa 1500 d be used eith 12w7

    I currently have a sundown audio 1500d amplifier and a jl audio 12" w7. My question is this: can I use my sa1500 to power the 3 ohm subwoofer? If so how should I set the dials on the amplifier? Also I know the jl 1000/1 is best for the w7 but I really like my sa1500 and don't want to get a...
  10. My Truck

    My Truck