12" sub

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    12" Recommendations 2500w RMS Below $600

    I'm looking for recommendations on a single 12" sub around 2500w RMS, trying to stay below $600. I will be using WinISD and probably SubBox.pro to build my own box. I'm not looking to compete, listen mostly to rap and hip-hop, looking for loud as possible, but not low as possible (probably in...
  2. A

    Four 8" Subs vs 3 12" Subs

    I have a - DOWN4SOUND JP95 - 1500W RMS 5 CHANNEL AMPLIFIER - Which can do : RMS power, 1ohm for CH5 BASS CH: 1212 W x 1 (From independent testing - Big D WIZ) My rear cargo area measures: 43L x 22h x 16d = 15,136 = Cubic Inches 15,136 / 1728 = 8.759 Cubic Feet I am deciding upon doing 4 10's...
  3. fu 750 box

    fu 750 box

    fu 750 12 2.1cfad ported box tuned at 36hz
  4. Phish

    Sundown Sa-12

    Item(s) for Sale: Mint Sundown SA-12 D2 Item(s) Description/Condition: Great Condition, No major scratches or blemishes Price: 150 + Shipping. Im located in the middle of the country so no matter where you are shipping shouldn't be too high. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information...
  5. 12" Sub

    12" Sub