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    Help: matching sub to my amp. Open to reboxing.

    Looking to upgrade my sub/box preferably a sealed setup. Appreciate your help! 1) Number of subs preferred: One Subwoofer preferably in a sealed box 2) Size preferred (if configuration allows): 12” 3) Budget: $5-600 4) Power to be used (which amp(s), include which resistance): NVX NDA105 -...
  2. M


    I bought this sub brand new to install in my car but the box necessary would not fit inside my trunk. It’s been sitting inside my house on a heated floor since. Will ship at buyers expense. This is the first time I’ve pulled it out of the packaging. Price is firm. This thing was right under...
  3. memphis 12" subs

    memphis 12" subs

    old car install ran off of a concept 1200d
  4. S

    Diamond Audio Hex Pro D9 12"

    Item(s) for Sale: A used diamond audio hex pro 12" subwoofer Item(s) Description/Condition: It does have a little ding at the top of the middle part of the sub (may of had something lean against it)maybe scratches none of shows any effects on performance but it works perfectly, also that...
  5. DeZoundZ


    Alpine Type R Subs, 12", 2011
  6. Digital Designs 91K 12"

    Digital Designs 91K 12"

    BEFORE of my DD 91k. pics after recone will be posted when i get it back from DD.
  7. First fiberglass install.

    First fiberglass install.

    3 Audiobahn Sound Q 12's and A2300