1. outsideshot23

    COMPLETED HUNDREDS of pounds of wire

    I’d rather sell local. Western Oklahoma/western Arkansas. I have literally hundreds of pounds of wire. Some still on spools. Mostly 1/0. It’s nearly all scosche efx frosted flux. Extremely flexible. Extremely high strand count. OFC. Some 4ga and 8ga on spools. Stinger speaker wire. Numerous...
  2. Eggroll

    Explosive Audio

    This came in the mail yesterday. 2 day shipping through USPS. Great service. Lugs are $.90 and come with free heatshrink, wire sample, and decal. 20 1/0 Tinned Copper Lugs; 20 Heatshrink pieces (Yellow/Black); 1 1/0 Cable Sample; 1 Sticker. Only $18+$6 shipping= $24.00!!! PM him here if...
  3. jasonbillnelson

    Wtb: Sae top post 6 1/0 terminals

    Just checking to see if anyone has any used ones laying around. If not I'll end up buying from Toolmaker.
  4. cdimic25

    17 feet of OFC 1/0 4200+ strand count

    Item(s) for Sale: 1) 17ft run of black flexible jacket xscorpion wire 1/0awg ofc 4214 strand count pm me and i may be willing to chop it up to desired lenght Item(s) Description/Condition: brand new Price: $60 shipped paypal only Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: flat rate box...
  5. R

    WTT: 20'+ KCA Kable 1/0 Black CCA Power Cable

    Item(s) for Sale: I have two runs of Knuconceptz KCA power cable about 18.5' long. Item(s) Description/Condition: KCA is oversized 1/0 gauge Copper Clad Aluminum cable Price: $1.30/ft I would prefer some 4 AWG Oxygen free cable about 18' long for each run of the KCA Shipping and...
  6. S

    PS3-80GIG backward compatible, 2 controllers, 11 games, ect

    Item(s) for Sale: 80 Gig PS3, 2 controllers, 11 games, Hdmi cable, controller charging cable. Game titles include-COD world at war, Medal of Honor, Madden 10, NFS Shift, Gran Turismo 5, NFS prostreet, Madden 2009, GTA liberty city stories, NCAA 09, and Final Fantasy 13 Item(s)...
  7. F

    Amp wiring question...please help

    I am planning on upgrading my system with a 2000rms amp. I currently have single run of 4 gauge wire that is about 12 feet. Could I get enough power with another run of 4 gauge or should I pull it out and run 1/0 gauge wire? It’s a spl car if that makes a difference. Also, does anyone know the...
  8. K

    Alternator Whine... Help Please

    Ok i have a 2004 yukon with all 1/0 wire a shuriken bt-120 in the back and am running an american bass sq 475. i have re grounded the battery amps and head unit in about 8 diff configurations, checked all of the speaker wire to make sure nothing is touching the frame, bought high quality rcas...
  9. matt_bennett05

    WTT 10" Kicker L5 Motor (w/ gasket) & Basket for.....?

    Feeler ----- just to see if i get any interest in the thing. Pics w/ username & date will be up when i get off work!!!! I have an 08 model L5 Kicker motor/basket/gasket that i would love to see gone. (AND I WILL SEND FIRST (if you have refs) SINCE I HAVE NO REFS WHATSOEVER OTHER THAN A FEW...
  10. rtillaree

    SOLD FS: Knukonceptz 1/0, 12 & 16awg speaker wire & in-line fuse holders.

    I have a few items lying around gathering dust, 2x In-line waterproof ANL fuse holders (used, in good condition, w/o fuses) - SOLD 2x 5’ run of 1/0 Kolossus Kable (slightly used) - SOLD 1x 17’ run 1/0 Kolossus Kable (slightly used) - SOLD 1x 39’ run of 16awg Knu Karma speaker wire (never...