1 ohm stable

  1. sharkman

    jbl gto 751 with dvc2 re sx18......?

    Ok i have a re sx 18 which is a dvc 2 ohm sub rated at 1k. So im thinking about getting a jbl gto 751 but its only stable down to 2 ohms. I was thinking about just using one coil. Would that work for me. I know the sub can handle more then 1k. My thing is when meade tested the gto500 it did its...
  2. Phish

    Crossfire C51000D monoblock

    Item(s) for Sale: Crossfire C51000D Item(s) Description/Condition: 8/10 cosmetically some scratches from normal use and green power light doesn't work. 100% functional. 10/10 mechanical very underrated powerful clean sound. 1k wrms @ 1 ohm @ 12.5v - 500 wrms @ 2 ohms @ 12.5v - 250 wrms @...