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I have a Hummer H3 and after my battery died my stereo stopped working. I have power to my stereo because the disc drive and radio still produces sound when my stock stereo is in but with both my aftermarket and stock none of the dials work or provide any visuals. I’m clueless of what is wrong and my aftermarket doesn’t even play any audio so no matter what stereo I have installed they both don’t work. Does anyone know what is wrong? 

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    • By Christina Tipton
      I’m hoping someone can help me find the right adaptor for my car stereo.
      It’s my first car, a Volkswagen Beetle 2001, and the stereo is a Sony one (see photos). The previous stereo was taken out of the car so I’m not sure if I have all the right wires to get this one set up.
      I’ve attached photos of the stereo and the wires that I’ve currently got in my car.
      I did originally take this to Halford’s but they said they didn’t sell the correct adaptor and that I’d have to find this on Sony’s website.
      Does anyone know the correct adaptor, and the best/cheapest way of getting this?
      Thanks in advance for any help! :)

    • By zimsjim
      So I have a 2010 Mazda 3 and my panel quit working. I hit the buttons and no CD, no volume change, no Aux... nada
      I'm going to try and switch out a plug or two and see if it helps, but most likely am going to need a new stereo. Mazda dealer said it would be around $700... so I'm looking to get something online or from Best Buy and have it installed for much cheaper.
      Long story short, I know there are kits to fit stereos into cars so they , well, fit well.... But as far as finding a stereo, what limits do I have? Meaning, if I see a good one online or on Ebay, etc that is a good price, how will I know if it will work with my car and if the kit would fit, etc? Basically looking for any feedback from anyone about replacing the factory with something for a lot cheaper than $700:)
      For example- I found this one that looks nice. How do I know what a kit will cost that fits it, if it will fit, and if Best Buy or someone will install it? 
    • By repres01
      I have a aftermarket stereo (listed in my signature), I've installed an amp (listed in my signature). The rear speakers are directly hooked up to the amp and rca inputs are ran to the back of my head unit.
      I now have purchased rca's and 2 sets of speaker wire to connect the amp to my door speakers. I want to hook them up to the factory front speaker on the factory side of my head unit. I want to make sure I am hooking it up correctly
      I have the dodge magnum 2005 wiring diagram as:
      Left Front + Gray/Purple
      Left Front - Gray/Yellow
      Right Front + Dark Green/Purple
      Right Front - Dark Green/Yellow
      (I am supposed to splice the wires onto the factory fronts and then attach them to the amp)
      I'm not sure I saw those color wires when I first looked at the harness Any Advise? I will update this thread tomorrow with pics
    • By TheSeeker
      Hi, I am restoring a 77 vw bus and the interior is completely stripped and I am doing the new interior custom with a friend of mine. I really appreciate high quality audio and would like a new system that is cost-effective. I would like a head unit, 2 speakers up front, 2 speakers in the back, and a subwoofer, plus all the necessary amplifiers. There are so many choices its hard to make a decision. For the head unit I want something with a usb hookup in the back, a cd player, aux input, hd radio, and a remote control. I would like to spend around $500 on this if that is reasonable. If i can get some thing much better for say $150 more, i am looking for optimum cost/quality ratio so if that fits ill go for it.
      I would really appreciate any advice since ive never done this before.
    • By lilbuzjr
      When i get my new car (hopefully soon), i will be upgrading the entire audio system in it. I have been a Pioneer guy all my life (vintage pioneer for home stereo, pioneer receiver for home surround) and want to continue with this. I love them.
      I just want to know if I'm making a good choice.
      I'm not an expert on car audio and don't know for sure if pioneer is great.
      If you can help me out, please let me know if they are worth putting in my car. My budget is probably $1000 if I include subs (they might come later). What can i get for that much?
      If there is a specific piece that i should pick up from a different brand just say so.