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Anyone good at enclosure software wanna crunch some numbers?

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I tried checking out WinId and didn't have a whole lot of luck making heads or tails out of it. I was gonna have a local shop here make a custom box but they start at $250 for a bare bones box. Anyone who is good at the program mind giving me some numbers? I am looking at building a single ported box for a SD2-12. The fixed outside measurements are 32" wide x 15" tall with the depth being the variable. Figured lower 30s tuning, not sure what difference + or- a few hz would make so up for whatever. Below are the manufacturers specs. If anyone runs these numbers for me, you'll be my hero and I'll name something after you.

Recommended ported enclosure size: 2cu^3

Displacement: .10^3

Fs: 36.8 Hz | 38.8 Hz

Re: 4.0 ohms | 8.0 ohms

Qms: 6.06 | 6.18

Qes: 0.58 | 0.69

Qts: 0.53 | 0.62

Cms: 0.08 | 0.09 mm/N

Mms: 225 g | 195 g

BL: 18.9 NA | 23.5 NA

Vas: 30.2 L | 31.7

Sens: 86.0 dB | 86.1 1w/1m

Le: 2.63 mH | 4.14 mH

RMS: 500 watts

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