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RE Pro RT10d4

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I was skeptical at first when purchasing these subs, but after hearing my buddy's SE12d2's, I decided to go RE Audio. Wow!!!! for a 10" dual 4 ohm, these little guys can hold their own. I currently have 3 of them wired to 2.67 ohms in a 1.0 ft3 ported enclosure, tuned to 35hz powered by a Hifonics HFi1500d (for now)... They are 200w R.M.S. and around 2000w? max but they can probably handle more than what I'm throwing at them right now. Nice and tight sounding with awesome lows, and since I'm on a budget, these subs were right on the money.


I know, 10's dont carry the lows that most people are looking for, but in my application, they do quite the job. I have heard systems in the past that had JL 10's and Sundown 10's (not sure of the models) and they sounded bigger than what they really were, but these RT10d4's can keep up with those high-end models. I'm looking for a bigger amp to push them cause that HFi1500d seems like it doesn't have enough power to run 3 of them. I was running 2 at a 1 ohm load with that amp and it was pushing just under 1500w but since I upped the load, it's barely running 1000w.


Other than the power issue that I'm having, I've had nothing but complements from installers and bass-heads alike on how loud these subs really are! An excellent sub from an excellent company for an excellent price. If you're in the market to purchase new subs, I definitely recommend giving RE Audio a try. (I hear the XXX's are totally B.A.)

'03 Neon SXT (a work in progress)

Alpine CDA-117

Alpine SPS-610c (front and rear, non active)

(Old School) Fosgate 600a4 Power Series

(3) RE Pro RT10d4 w/ spec. box tuned to 35hz

Hifonics HFi1500d (for now...)

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