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need ur profesional advise!!!

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good day every1!!!:)


any1 here tried using CRYSTAL subwoofers?

i have 2pcs CMPX215 and m planning to join our upcoming local SPL competition here in the philippines. i need to know what type of box and volume should i use. SPL application. it will be mounted in my suzuki jimny's rear cargo space. ive already removed my back seat to accomodate these 2 woofers. both woofers wil be driven by 2 CUTTING EDGE CE1000M 1000watts@1ohm mono amplifier bridged together to produce 2100watts @ 2ohms mono. ive upgraded my alternator and installed a 240ampere LIGHTNING AUDIO battery islotor to support 5 SVR batteries. all necessary wirings and components are now in place. subwoofer box is wats left to solve.


ur advises will be highly appreciated.


thanks in advance.





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