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are these any good?

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5L95O05Fe3k93M13Jdc2jda7ecdad874a1411.jpgbought from ridinhi,vitveet,dbr,sicaudio and 99grandprixgt, and more ........... sold to player3,foomasta69, pitbull, brodiesel and dragnix 12887 traded with louisiana crx


"noobs that come in the dome will get gang raped!"

nothing but a stock fosgate system with gps and back up camera lol

2012 nissan sentra spec v with some goodies cumming though

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Here's what I got from the lovely handy dandy search function.



2010 Hyundai SantaFe V6 Limited


Head Unit - Stock for now

Front Stage - Polk DXI 6.5s 2 ways

Component Amp - Kicker CX300.4

Sub - (2) Diamond Audio TDX12s

Sub Amp - Hifonics BRX2016D

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