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Please Delete

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Please delete, accidental double-post

Refs: Sold to SAABsonic, zues, tylerj, MrJP, j1b1e1, GONZ, got_focus?, 03F150MrSBF, Smilodon, Doola36, is_250, jstbass, NightDrifter05, j_baby15, hybridamp, phantom240, john3387, all_rice, WaTTsLOk187, CaliforniabOY5, lmllopez, mikedressure, RassyMX; Bought from blazinb2000, Kevinn, JLa Obsessed, azngotskills, James Bang, djdilliodon, 06stxf150, SethPhillips. Ebay 100% feedback under cjruiz4 (+373) :thumbupw:

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