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Dual 15" Kicker L7 install, Pics included!

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Well, I posted the box build along time ago and finally got the system in. here are the pics from it. i am really pissed I couldn't get more pics (like when it was finished) but the my friend had just got out of the military and we had to get it done so he could go home. I was REALLY SICK and had to do the whole thing in 3 days in 110+ degree weather. Anyway, here is what I got.


Front doors



Rear crossovers inside rear door speaker pod



Finished rear door pods:



Rear Battery install:



Amp rack with cap:






It actually looks really nice in person. The top amp glows red and the bottom blue and after some adjustments those panels lined up nicely on the amp rack. He didn't listen to me when I told him to order carpet like 2 weeks ago... so no carpet on it. Let me tell you though.. It WANG'S HARD. He flex's his whole roof panel at least a inch.. Its crazy. Really wish I had a video. Like I said, I was sick when we set it up, and he originally was gonna get a XX-Colossus and was gonna wire it to two ohms. So when I hooked up the XX-Hercules I went on auto pilot and set up a series-parallel. It was loud then!!! Then I realized what I had done and was like dude.... Thats only 600W, pulled the subs out and re wired them for 1ohm mono and thats when the Wangage really began. Anyway, enjoy. Hope you like. Its really nice to me that the ONLY place you see wire on the whole install is

A. Under the hood

B. On the rear bat

C. the 1 inch next to the cap

If SPL is your main objective, get 10's or 12's instead.


Current System

Car: 2008 WRX

HU: Pioneer AVIC-D3

Fronts: Tweeters up top

Infinity 2ohm 3-ways in the doors

Rears: Infinity 2ohm 3-ways in the doors

Mid/High amp: HiFonics Zeus ZXi 4406 @ 110 X 4 rms

Subs: 2x 12" Kicker L7 D4s

Sub Amp: HiFonics Brutus BXi 2006D @ 1ohm (2KW RMS)


98 Mustang Work Log (pics)

08 WRX Work Log(Pics)

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Where the **** are the subs. :eyebrow:


Nice work though, far better than I could do. :D

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The best L7 install without the L7's I have seen yet.

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What type of connectors are those on the battery?

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