T-line enclosure for 2 8" subs

Chevy Blazin'

Chevy Blazin'
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Oct 13, 2012
I purchased this from someone on here but deciding to sell it. Asking $80 plus shipping! Subs are not included in the sell but if you want them can be add for an additional price.

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Gunz That Turn on Nunz
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Feb 5, 2013
South Coast Metro, CA
Aren't T-Lines extremely specific to the driver?
not really you can actually tune a T line to relatively close to what the FS of the driver is or below the FS is fine as well, mainly your preference. SD of an 8 will be almost identical to another 8 even if one has a megaroll, it should still work. Just slightly different sound. If you want the perfect T line, you need to fully break in a sub, get a DATS and pull an average run of TS specs after all the suspension fully loosens to build a perfect T line. If not its just tuning to listening preferences which work fine for the most part as well.

Main thing is if your sub is T line friendly or not.


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