Pioneer avh-x4800bs internal amp blown?

Timbo74 Well Known
Aug 10, 2019
About a month ago I bought this head unit/dvd player, used for a cheap bt, 4volt preamp system.
I also ordered a 4 guage ofc amp wiring kit 2 weeks, so I can hook up my 4 channel amp, as right now I have 6 gauge power wire going directly to my m500. My ofc amp kit was supposed to be here last Friday, but somewhere in transit through UPS it was stolen, or lost. (My box was opened, and retapped, It was obvious, when I noticed the box was less then a half a lbs)
Perhaps in today’s age, it isn’t smart to advertise what’s in the box.
The replacement is supposed to be here Monday.
Yesterday, I was driving the kids to school, and there was a big squeal through the speakers, and then nothing but subwoofer!
What are the chances I blew the amp?
I went through all the wiring, everything’s good.
I’m hoping since the sub was still playing, the output section is still good, I hope.
I have to wait until Monday to find out
Could I have blown a speaker in the process? I hope not.

Timbo74 Well Known
Aug 10, 2019
I did this weekend, Im pretty sure I blew the channels on the head unit, or something. I ran the two rca patch cables I had, to the JL amp, and hooked both amps up to my fuse block...just temporarily so I could test. Everything works as it I guess it’s no big deal since all the preamps work fine.
Tomorrow, the 4 gauge amp kit should be here, from what tracking says...hopefully everything is there.

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