New amp gets hot when powered up?

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Hey all. Got an Orion xtr 2500.1 today. I removed a cab 1600.1 in working order just to add more power to my hdc 3.115 sub that is wired down to 1 ohm.

So I swap out power ground and remote wire and start the car. I do this to make sure it powers on. And power on it did. But I notices it was getting warm on the top half of the amp and in a minute or so it was hot but the bottom half is still cool. Mind you no rca's or speaker wires are hooked up yet so it's not loaded at all.

So I wait a good 10 minutes and it's hot but doesn't go into protect or anything so in plug in the 8 gauge speaker wires and rca's and music plays and plays loud but it gets hot. I played music for about a 1/2 hour and it has not gone into protect or anything.

I've had quite a few amps in my time and never had them get hot while just powered on and no signal going to it. Should I send it back? What would you do?
Take the 6 screws off the bottom of the amp and you will see 5 capasitors together see if they are blown


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dem shoes......
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