WANTED MrQ (Petras QS1 Mr Que)


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Jun 28, 2020
Arlington VA
Just looking for one ~ buying or tView attachment 21749rade
Its funny that you are looking for the Mr Q. Im 46 and to this day there has never been anything like it. Hands down my favorite product ever. Ive been lookin for over 15 years and tried lots of other things but nothing has even come close. In the last year I researched so much my head was spinning. Couldnt find hardly anything. I decided to go another route. I studied my ass off and built my own. I was skeptical cause I didnt know anything about it internally and was going on memory from almost 30 years ago. When I finished my prototype I couldnt believe it. It worked and it was the same if not better than my old one from back in the day. My old setup was 8 12s and I used to crush people all because of that thing. It never caught on back then cause nobody could use it right. Just by you lookin for one I can tell you know? You can email me at [email protected] and Ill send ya pics of my new design. I havnt heard anything even comparable in years. Im glad to see that somebody else understands.!
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