Mobile Works - Little Falls Rt. 46

WillyG4444 Elite
10+ year member
Jul 12, 2004
Great place. The owner, Kal, is a great guy and doesn't try to rip you off or anything, he offered me some great deals on some custom installs. They do great work installing, and he also showed me pictures of walls and fiberglass builds they do and they're very nice!

Haven't bought products from him, since he only seems to show Pioneer, Alpine, and JL in his store (Might carry more brands though) but I'm planning on going back for another install soon.

Definitely recommended. The installers work pretty quick as well, no bullshitting //



Senior VIP Member
10+ year member
Oct 13, 2007
clifton, nj
i second this he did everything in my sig:veryhapp:


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