knukonceptz or gpcaraudio


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Mar 2, 2015


the knukonceptz has nice neon colors and what not which is cool and they have ofc and my who car has the ofc power and ground etc 

and cost about is about 52$ 

the gpcaraudio is 47$ with heat shrink and crimped

i was just curious to try gpcaraudio wire but they claim they use ofhc which i dont know what the h is for.

so of the 2 which is better and why or theyre pretty much the same but one has crimped and cost less.

just curious if gpcaraudio wire is legit never used or heard about them.



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Dec 31, 2017
St.louis, MO
gp wire just looks like welding cable with their name printed on it, the knu concepts wire is tinned to prevent corrosion and imo very flexible. 


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