Fairbanks Shops


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Mar 9, 2010
Fairbanks AK
Do not go to auto trim unless you want to get ripped off! Big barn has good people! One of buddies got his stuff done at street sounds and the custom box look pretty good! Haven't heard any + or - about Unlimited but if you own Memphis car audio they are the only dealers in the area! I needed a dust cat for a recone Mojo and ended up getting from Memphis directly due to the lack of effort on there part! The last shop is Hoits, nothing to really say, talked with one of the installers and weaned pretty nice and knowledgeable. So here my review from all local shops in town. Hopefully it help some one. Thanks for reading.



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Jan 24, 2011
Silverthorne, CO
All Alaskan shops ****. The only one that gives a **** about people is Perfectionist in Anchorage.



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Apr 20, 2011
All Alaskan shops ****. The only one that gives a **** about people is Perfectionist in Anchorage.
That is completely false. IMAGE Audio is a Great, reputable, privately owned audio store.


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10+ year member
Jan 9, 2011
Anchorage AK
lol, not true. best peeps in my experience for over 10years is safe&sound. yes, they carry what sells, but they have tons more if you really look around, and the people are nice and knowledgeable. they won't carry an internet brand, because it is just that- an internet brand. last few years, i've been going into perfectionist to check-up on things, and they really don't have much worth writing home about, and their prices have always been high. s&s has prices that are high enough for wiggle room to give you a good discount, and usually do


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