dc audio 6th order trunk box need help with box on sketchup tuned

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hey whats up guys im just starting a new car build for my new dodge neon 4 dr

i was wondering if any one could hemp me come up with a high spl box for 4 dc audio lvl 6 18s

i want it so be ISO baric

but for space issues id but up two lvl 6's face to face with the motor in the main box areas

but ported and tuned to the loudest most efficient spl box i want ports to be on the end on the same side facing my end of trunk with the phase of two 18 on 180* i dont car about seeing them i just want a great box but a subwoofer view would be nice

Thanks to who can help me

Are you trying to fit two DC Level 6 18" woofers in a 6th order into a Neon trunk? Did I read that right? You may want to reconsider. Ported for SPL use only may be possible, Terry Brocks runs a pair of DC 18s for SPL in his trunk (although I'd imagine his trunk is larger the one on a Neon) but 6th order boxes are typically very large...

on win isd i can get a 6th order tuned to 25 and 60 under 9 cu ft and the neon trunk is a 13 cu ft trunk and on their program it says it will do 149 db
im just not good at all with sketchup

if anyone can help with sketch up here are my box specs...

front chamber 4 cu ft tuned to 60 hz

rear chamber 5 cubic feet tuned to 25 hz

front vent: only one vent at 5 in x 18 in x 8 in long vent mach: .04

rear vent: 3 x 21.5 X 45.35 inch long vent mach : .12

Type of box: 6thorder iso barik compound with 4 drivers on 20k

You will never be able to use all 13.1 cubic feet of that Neon trunk for your box. Unless your entire box will be made from fiberglass to take up every single tiny inch of room and follow every bend and curve.

That box - 4 cube and 5 cube chamber - you will also displace approx 1 cube for the four drivers, and 2.6 cubes for the two ports you picked. Thats already 12.6 cubes. And that's if the material the outer shell you made the box from has no thickness. Realistically you'd use at least .75" MDF, hopefully double or triple baffle it and add some good bracing. At minimum that's another 2.5 cube difference. So you're looking at over 15 cubes now.

You sir are doing way too big a build without enough experience here. I suggest you start with something smaller.

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