CDT Audio DRT-25 1" Silk Tweeters


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CDT Audio DRT-25 1" Silk Tweeters

This is found in many of the HD series component systems such as the best seller HD-62.

As with all speakers like this you must use a High Pass Filter crossover. This listing is for 2 tweeters and assorted mounting hardware.

DRT 25
1" audiophile silk dome tweeter

Technical specs and contents

1 pr 1" silk dome tweeter drivers w/neo charged magnet structure

1 pr flush mount housings w/hardware

1 pr angled flush mount rings

1 pr flat surface mount cups

1 pr angled surface mount cups

Frequency response: 1500Hz-20,000Hz

Impedance: 4 ohms

Sensitivity: 92.2dB

Flush mount hole: 2"

Flush mount depth: 12/16"

Flush cup OD: 2 6/16"

The price of $110 includes shipping to the continental US. This is a used item.

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