Autotrendz- Kendall Park


Junior Member
Apr 20, 2009
Kendall Park, NJ
anyone ever go to those guys. I have several times and everytime I go there they are always very helpful to me. Anytime I asked a question if they didnt know the answer they would get back to me in 24 hours or less (always seemed to be about an hour to hour and half later). just wondering if anyone here has ever dealt with them. Im looking to get some work done and I know of the reputation they have in the south brunswick township community and lots of people have told me to let them do the installations. they carry more then just audio/video. when i had my 2000 civic, i bought a set of h&r racing lowering springs from them, and they were pretty good with the price. also saw that they recently got setup with Password:JDM which is a big internet store that I used to get all my JDM parts from for my civic. once i saw that they were a dealer, wow did it save me a lot on shipping from cali to new jersey. let me know if anyones ever gone there and how there experiance has been.


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