1. cfox10

    IA Warden 18's

    Item(s) for Sale: Incriminator Audio Neo Wardens D1.4 coils Item(s) Description/Condition: Mechanically 10/10 Cosmetically 8/10 ~ Typical mounting scratches, and one has a very tiny hole in the surround which was repaired. Otherwise in great condition. No Trades Price: $1200 for the...
  2. adulbrich

    Alex's next subs

    Well, just separated the spider from the landing on one of the Wardens. Thinking about doing 4 18's in a 4th order. Each will be on a VP 7k. Probably will run around .5 nominal. Although, I wouldn't be opposed to doing a bunch of 12's in a flat wall if somebody has a better idea. Right now...
  3. adulbrich

    WTT Wardens and TFE

    Wanting to try something new. I've also got about $1,000 cash if you've got something more valuable. Three 21" v1 Wardens with direct leads and reinforced triple joints, plus an Ampere TFE 8.0 I have other miscellaneous things I could toss in like: 10" Kicker L7 Lots of wire, different sizes...
  4. TheJesus

    FS: 4x IA Warden 15" V2 D.7

    Item(s) for Sale: 4x IA Warden 15" V2 D.7 Item(s) Description/Condition: 8 Spoke Black Cast Basket 3" Reserve 8 Layer Flat Aluminum Voice Coil Quad Black Progressive Spiders with Dual Woven Tinsel Leads High Pressure Kraft Fiber Reinforced Cone Multi-Layer Foam Surround 8" 120 Oz Eight...