1. Elliot Vogt

    Bluetooth only head unit

    Hey all I am looking for a Bluetooth only head unit that I can install somewhere under a seat or something that has more than two channels as that seems to be all that I am able to find. The whole reason I am not just replacing the head unit in my truck is because it's the original 85 Nissan...
  2. Diesel_67

    Does Anyone Know Anything About This Subwoofer?

    Wondering if anyone has seen this subwoofer before?.. I seen the same subwoofer but with a different name on a different website. I like that it fits under the front seats, and in my Ford F-350 I do have a lot of room behind my backseat. I’m not looking for anything that is real loud, just...
  3. brayball25

    How can I get the best bass under truck seat?

    Hey, I have a gmc sierra 2007 crew cab and I was wondering if someone could tell me what I could do to get the loudest bass under my backseat. Ive been wondering rather to get 3 8s or 4 8s or 2 10s. If anyone has any suggestions or know the best way please let me know.
  4. C

    Hideaway/Underseat woofer recommendation

    Hi,  Please recommend me the best sounding subwoofer options available for under the seat subwoofers for Honda CRV 2018. Appreciate your help!  BUDGET: $300 Number of subs preferred: 1  Size preferred (if configuration allows): hideaway/ underseat Power to be used (which amp(s)...