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    FOR SALE SOLD AS SET-Hi End Competition -Butler, Tru, DLS Amps, Amp Rack, Image Dynamics Sub, Box

    Hello all. Used to come on these forum quite a bit. I used to compete in IASCA MECA etc. and placed 1st 2x with this setup. Anyway this is my baby and hate to sell but I need to pay for bills. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in ORANGE COUNTY, CA AREA Everything is sold TOGETHER. This is in a 4th Gen. Toyota...
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    WTB: Tru Technology S4

    I am looking to buy a Tru Technology S4 amp soon. I do have one and am planning on expanding now. Hence looking for a second one. If anyone of you have one and dont need it, please let me know. I am looking to buy within a week. It should be in perfect working conditions with no issues. A...