1. M

    FOR SALE Mobile Solutions SFS Axis Shape Creator Router Template Kit

    Im selling my brand new never used (Opened, but never actually got to use it) Mobile Solutions SFS Axis Shape Creator Router Template Kit. This is the Essentials Package, it sells for $400 on Mobile Solutions website. Here is a list of everything that comes in the kit: Includes: SFS Hardware...
  2. ekah

    i need ideas for some tools

    simple answer and explanation behind it please is this good for cutting 0 gauge? like butter easy...
  3. D

    Need Help

    Hey guys, Brand new to the forum! Need some help on this one, I'm 16 and have been into the audio game since i was 7. Plans on opening up my own shop once out of college. Need some help on what i should get before then. I'm already ordering the Steve Meade Distortion Detector, Crossover...