1. Tehboss

    Thump coming from rear speaker, see pic maybe bass?

    Could someone identify this for me, I’m hearing an annoying clicking thump sound every second even with the music off.
  2. M

    Building new box any tips to make bass better

    So...I am building a new box for my truck I removed bench and made a olds 3rd row seat fit..Now I have a large area to build a good box for my 2 massive audio kilo 104s..Normaly I build a Box to fit where ever I can..This is my first box like this so I'm going to over build the **** out it...
  3. B

    Difficulties with amp?

    Let me begin with, I am happy to be a part of the community, and glad I can provide service at time. This is my first post, and am just now starting to get into an audio system. Just bought a new car, and along with that a system, and am trying to accustom myself accordingly. Thanks and I...