1. R

    Subwoofer surround scratched, repair?

    I've got two Memphis Bells (15-PR12S4V2) and one recently got its surrounding seals scratched by a compartment door being rattled loose in front of it. The seal is scratched but not punctured, is there a simple fix that can fill the scratch so that it doesn't have a chance it expand to a tear...
  2. Tshaffe

    Kicker L5 surround coming loose

    I just got a kicker l5 10" hooked up to a jl 500/1 v2 amp. (I plan on upgrading to 2 subs or better sub soon) anyway when the sub was playing one day the corner of the surround popped loose. I took it out of the box and put it back how it's supposed to be and get it tightened down but it keeps...