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  1. Pistol863pete3387

    ⁸Which model sundown 10? Xv?1?2?3?

    I have this big guy need watts n specs identifying. Can anyone help
  2. SRT8 Wolf

    2 Sa10s or 1 X15 on an Sae-1500d

    So I'm kinda in a bind right now I can't decide want to do I currently have 2 sa10s in a pre fab box I recently sold my amp and I'm getting the sae-1500d and adding a battery should I sell the 2 sas and get one X15 or keep them and get a new box, which would sound louder the 2 Sas in the right...
  3. SRT8 Wolf

    Need a Box

    Hi everyone, So here's the thing right now I have a junk prefab box for my 2 Sundown Audio SA-10s. I need a box for them I currently have them In a 2011 Dodge Charger.