sundown audio. re audio.

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    Need info on sundown audio subs

    I have a 09 silverado single cab, wondering if sundown audio subs would fit behind my seat and if they would get the proper air needed in a box with limited space?
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    Want to trade for Sundown Audio SA12 or Re Audio *** 12 or similar woofer!

    I have multiple items I am welling to trade. I will bundle some of them if need be to make a deal happen. JL Audio xd600/1 Amp Retails at $450-@ 4 Ω 400 W RMS x 1, @ 3 Ω 500 W RMS x 1, @ 2 Ω 600W RMS x 1 Amp Works perfectly. (2) Boston Acoustic GT-20 Amps retails at $250- GT-20 2 channels...