steering wheel control

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    Advice regarding steering wheel control setup with pioneer sph250dab

    My skoda fabia mk2 has no steering wheel controls built in so i bought this unit ( to add the function. I've connected it all up, i have the correct wiring loom that also includes the connects2 steering wheel adapter, to my pioneer...
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    Steering wheel control not working after resetting

    i bought a used honda fit 2012 ... which was installed with a pioneer AVH280BT setup me being stupid pressed the reset button... afterwards my steering wheel control is not working. what can i do?... i checked on setting i couldn't find any setting relating to steering...
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    "Steering Wheel Controls" and the "Radio"

    Hi All My current audio setup (factory) has "Volume" and "Next Track" Controls on the steering wheel for the radio (Blaupunkt RPD 552 Model). I am looking to buy a better AfterMarket Radio Receiver. I am looking at Pioneer or Alpine. What shall I look at before buying to make sure that the...
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    Sony/Audi Steering Wheel Control

    I have just had a Sony head unit (model # MEX-BT3900U) installed in my Audi S4 Cabriolet (2006). The installer said that in order for the steering wheel controls to work, I need a Dietz CAN BUS adapter for Sony. The one he gave me as an example is a Tyco Alpine adapter (item # 3-957419-1)...