ssa zcon

  1. denim

    Zcon free air for fun

  2. denim

    SSA Zcon is back, and better than before

    We were finally able to get the deadly SSA Zcon back to market. Modest tweaks make it even more stout than before, not to mention the addition of upgrade options such as reinforced Triple Joint, additional spider, and direct leads.  I missed that flag so much.  :   Check it out...
  3. denim

    ** Carbon Fiber Dust Caps for Zcon's **

    We are now offering real carbon fiber (3 layer) dust caps as an add on option to the ZCON line. These caps are nearly identical in weight, so the moving mass is unchanged.   You can see a more detailed picture by selecting the "Yes Please" Option on the product page in our store.   Sub...
  4. D

    Saa zcon 15 or 2500 rms sub

    Wtb ssa zcon 15 or a 15 inch sub with 2500 watts rms. or two 1500 rms a piece 15s or 12s Two aq hdc3's would be nice. Quicker response text 919-827-3393 Thanks
  5. denim

    Zcon enclosure specs are up

    ZCON Series Sub Woofer