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  1. denim

    SSA Icon 12D2 Giveaway

    BryantheCEO of Modified Show, is giving away an SSA Icon 12D2 soon. Make sure you keep an eye on his pages and forum:   Modified Show - SSA Car Audio Forum    
  2. M

    new 15 inch subwoofers

    i started redoing my whole system over an im looking for some new subs i got 9 1/2 qubic feet of space in the trunk left for 2 15s looking for the best loudest 15s im debating on fi audio ssd or bl, re audio sxx, ,american bass xfl or ssa icon i only 2 had re *** 12 and 2 power bass xxx 15s...
  3. soundsolutions

    The Brand New 2011 ICON T/S

    More information can be found here: ICON Series Sub Woofer
  4. soundsolutions

    ICON 2011 Product Photos

    10" ICON Sub Woofer   ---------- Post added at 09:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:16 PM ----------   12" ICON Sub Woofer
  5. S

    SOLD Two 12" SSA ICON new prototypes

    Two 12" SSA ICON dual 1ohm prototypes bought on 5/13/2010, so they've been used for ~2months asking $230 each plus shipping PM me or text at 520-820-6080 if interested. new icon series has flatwound aluminum coils, new cone style. 1250rms One motor has slight ding in it (came that way...