speakers mid and highs

  1. cmartinez73

    2 vs 3 vs 4 way 6.5"s

    which is better for door speakers (6.5) 2 way vs 3 vs 4? what are the pros and cons whats better for a system with 2 12s so i want high clarity?
  2. K

    Help choosing 6.5 components

    Hi I have a 2003 avalon with the jbl sound system. I am an avid MB Quart fan (old school stuff) am looking for great tweets but mostly good midbass. Everything is factory and I want to add ipod hookup and bluetooth. I have a great powered eclipse single din head unit as well as an audiobahn...
  3. F

    Amp question

    I have 6.25 kicker speakers in the front and kicker 6.5 from 2006 which amp is best I was looking at Precision Power PPI ICE800.2 800W Max Black Ice Series 2-channel Amplifier http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_112649_Precision-Power-ICE1000.4.html...
  4. I

    I want my highs loud!

    i have a hifonics 600 zues amp now:) but my highs and mid speakers ****:/ I GOT THESE BRAND NEW KFC-C6894PS /KFCC6894PS KENWOOD 6x8" 3-WAY SPEAKERS, 240W MAX, | eBay i got them because i thought 3 way was louder no matter what well anyways alot of people are telling me if i want loud get...